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Pornstar Holly Halston

Holly Halston

Holly Halston


Female Ejaculation, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Strap On, Moresomes, Oral, Deep Throat


North Hollywood, California, United States of America


95 lbs (43 kg)


5 ft 0 in (152 cm)

Date of Birth



Her tits are so big they overpower anyone’s resistance to her charms. Try and scream and this pushy MILF will shut you up with a mouthful of fat tit. Whether she’s platinum blonde or jet black raven, Holly can make a man’s eyeballs get a boner. The age-old riddle goes like this: Were MILFs made to have big tits, or were big tits made for MILFs? Holly Halston seems to be the solution to this quandary. Speaking of boners, Holly feels so right at home with the longest yard stretching down her gullet, you’d think she was destined to suck cock. If Holly was your girlfriend's hot mother, you'd be in major trouble when you visit for Sunday dinner. Holly might be in the mature stage of her game but she still plays harder than most budding starlets who could only dream of racking up the praise just like Holly does. The way she takes it up her pink palace and rides it into brown-town is so damn ball-blowingly raunchy, you’re going to need a shower just from clicking on a link. She’s got that cleavage runway for long hard dick sliding, poking up at the chin and spraying her chesticles down with some pearl-colored splatter art. She’s a mega MILF who’s got the rack to attract the young meat. Fans around the world are justified in calling Holly America’s Naughtiest MILF, and you’d be fully justified in milking your own bone several times a day watching her.

Last Known Location

Kansas , Missouri, USA

Favourite Movie

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within